Dr. Clay Jones

I have loved working with Taylor to improve my relationship with stress – just like his slogan says. This concept was fascinating to me when I first heard about it from him and is something I now think about on an almost daily basis as I apply the principles and techniques Taylor has taught me through 1:1 conversations, group breathing classes and ice/heat experiences! I have 4 little kids and started my own business so to say I can feel stressed is an understatement. I particularly wanted to work with Taylor because I desired to better control my relationship to stress when I am around my kids in how I react to the crazy things that can occur in our busy household! This has really made a difference in my ability to be a better father and not loose my cool as much as I am improving in my ability to focus on my breath and my reactions through what he has taught me. I have also worked on applying his breathing techniques during and after my workouts to help bring focus and endurance as well as to best recover from these. I have noticed a huge difference both during and after. I then absolutely loved his “fire and ice” experience as it was a major challenge to calm myself and focus my breathing during the ice baths – I’m so thankful I did it and look forward to the next time! I look forward to challenging myself with one of his pool workouts as well. Overall, I highly recommend Taylor to anyone who feels that stress controls them and not the other way around and are in need of some very practical and tangible tools to help you navigate that. What he can teach you with his depth of knowledge as well as his real life experience can be extremely helpful in ways you may not expect. For me, these physical tools Taylor teaches and works you through are not just about improving your recovery from being active (though it does that), but it is way more than that and something I’m very thankful to have learned.

Dr. Clay Jones

Doctor of Physical Therapy, 901 PT

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