Focused Breathing Protocols

I’ve worked with Taylor doing breath work since March and have seen dramatic improvements in my overall performance, health and wellbeing.  My sleep quality has improved, stress levels have gone down and my endurance is much better all from adding a few minutes a day of focused breathing protocols.  I would’ve never expected this from focusing on my breathing but the results speak for themselves.  The heat and ice work is a great way to recover.  I was pretty nervous and anxious about getting in the ice bath but Taylor was literally right by my side coaching me through breathing strategies, which enabled me to relax and focus on staying centered and embracing the challenge head on which gave me a great sense of accomplishment.  Having been an avid runner for years and years the heat and ice dramatically reduced my sense of pain from pounding the roads and I know it had to help on inflammation and swelling.  This is something I plan to incorporate into my weekly regiment, which will entail giving up a day of running which is something I thought I would never do.  The benefits and relief I felt far outweigh the sacrifice.  I also plan to incorporate Taylor’s pool workouts, which are also a great way to get a tough workout in without impacting your joints.  They will get you out of your comfort zone and are a lot of fun!   To sum it up, Taylor is an excellent coach who is one of the best in his profession in broadening his knowledge in the overall well-being and health of athletes!  I feel very privileged to know Taylor as a friend and have him on my team!!!

Andrew Doggett

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