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The Symmetry 6: Foundations of Health and Performance


Change Your Breath, Change Your Life


The Long Game


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Free Breath Awareness Session


Finding and teaching mindfulness

Memphis Health+Fitness

Take Back Control of Your Life

Go Solo

Managing Stress and Finding Balance in Unique Ways

Memphis Health+Fitness

Breathwork For Stress Relief

Beauty & the Babble

taylor's interview on the sleep eat perform repeat podcast

sleep eat perform repeat podcast

Quitting Your Job to Breathe (literally)

ideally Podcast

I am Driven - Taylor Somerville

I Am Driven Podcast

Breathe Better, Stress Less, And Increase Performance

The Captain’s Lifestyle

2021 Cold Plunge Tank Reviews, Breathwork, & Dumbbell Pool Workouts

Stacked Podcast

Managing Stress Through Breath Work, Heat/Ice Contrast Therapy, & Enhancing Your Awareness

Well Being, Well Said.

Taylor Somerville, Found of Symmetry

cityCurrent Radio Show

Breathing into Optimal Health

The Edge Podcast

Improve Your Performance and Ability to Handle Stress Through Breathwork with

Chime In With AWJ

Breathing For Health with XPT Coach Taylor Somerville

The MindStrong Project

Using Breathwork and Heat/Cold Exposure to Control Stress Response

Fourtress Radio

Healthy Shelby 19 Aims To Get Folks Healthier Through Breathing


Breathwork Basics and How to Live a Life Without Regrets

Motherhood Unstressed

Breathing Into A New Life

Tom Rowland Podcast

Taylor Somerville

Midlife Male by Greg Scheinman

A Conversation with Taylor Somerville

Motivated AF



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