Breathwork for Endurance

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Adding a breath focus to your training does not have to change your current plan. With as little as five to ten minutes a day, you begin to reap the benefits as an endurance athlete.



Are you:
– An endurance athlete looking to gain a competitive advantage?
– A beginner struggling to get through workouts?
– Looking to improve your recovery?
– Looking to decrease fatigue and increase speed when running?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Symmetry’s Breathwork for Endurance program is the Answer.

Adding a breath focus to your training does not have to change your current plan. With as little as five to ten minutes a day, you begin to reap the benefits. If you are an endurance athlete, learning to breathe properly can: 1. increase your aerobic capacity; 2. improve your mechanics; 3. give you a mental edge; and, 4. improve your recovery.

For only $49.99, this 4-week course includes:
– 3 breath sessions: a morning session, a bedtime session, and a training session, for use five days a week.
– Mobility exercises to improve mechanics and open the diaphragm
– Video explanations for all of the above

3 reviews for Breathwork for Endurance

  1. Beth Bush (verified owner)

    The Breathwork for Endurance course is definitely a game changer! I feel stronger in my workouts and my endurance is improving every day. I highly recommend this course.

  2. Hillary Gish (verified owner)

    As a longtime surfer and AG triathlete I started using breath work exercises to improve my athletic performances.

    While new to breathing exercise I have learned the correct way to breathe, which has improved in my overall athletic performances. In addition, and what I didn’t expect was the added benefits while using the different breathing tempos or the breath mechanics work was the sense of clarity and calmness.
    I have added the use of breath work to my daily workout routine, and I especially use it during any stressful situations, which has for me instantly reduces the stress. I am very grateful for this, thank you, Taylor!

    I would recommend this to any athlete trying to improve in his or her athletic performance.
    Hillary in SD

  3. Kenneth Rix (verified owner)

    I am a life long endurance athlete ultra running, Nordic skiing, ocr …..Plus my profession I am a health and conditioning professional with my own practice and have been using breath work for the last 2 years and Taylor endurance program is fantastic and I would recommend it to all levels and sports. This program will help everybody from weekend warriors to elite people training for their sport.

    But this program can change your lifestyle by the management of your stress and stressful lifestyle by using breath. this is to everyone start here and you will be ready to take your breath and training to new levels.

    Kenneth Rix – Croodeo GoPast system

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