were not designed for chronic low-grade stress

Why we do what we do
Stress Therapy

Humans were not designed for chronic low-grade stress modern life places on us.  We are designed for acute high quality stress, i.e. workouts, contrast therapy, giving a speech or presentation etc.  We must learn to handle this stress in a proper manner.  Learning how to breathe properly is a proven method to help you deal with stress.   The breath is the remote control to our brain.  Humans have been working with it for thousands of years and once you begin to explore your own breathing, it can take you to places you never imagined possible. With practice, one thing you will discover is the ability to control your physiological state to either ramp your system up or bring it down.

fight, flight, or freeze

If you really want to see how you can use your breath to control your stress response, step into a thirty-degree ice bath. There is something primal about exposure to the cold. When you first get into an ice bath, every ounce of your being is saying, “get the hell out of here.” It is the ultimate in the fight, flight, or freeze responses. The cold teaches us that we have control over our reactions and that our breath can be used as a tool to control them. At that moment, you make the decision of either jumping out and running away from a perceived threat or calming the mind with slow diaphragmatic nasal breaths and working through the discomfort.



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