TJ Sanders

As a high performing athlete, I am always looking for an advantage, an edge. As one with a major back injury training for the Tokyo Olympics, I need to take this even more seriously and do everything I can in my preparation. I am constantly searching for ways to better myself and ultimately, my game. But, that’s obvious. All athletes want an upper hand. The beauty of breathwork and Taylor’s classes is that it goes far beyond that. Sure, it improves my CO2 tolerance and aid’s in muscular endurance, but it also has impact on my day-to-day. I feel more present, I am armed with the tools to calm and recenter myself, I have a healthier relationship with stress, plus, I always leave class in a better mood. Things that are far more difficult to measure, but have a profound impact on my life. I am extremely grateful for Taylor and the effect each and every class has.

TJ Sanders

Canadian Olympic Volleyball Team

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