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Our Mission is to change your relationship with stress

Symmetryโ€™s mission is to change your relationship with stress. Stress is a part of life. However, your ability to handle stress will go a long way in determining your quality of life. ย At Symmetry, we are here to guide you with proven methods that will teach you how to respond instead of react in stressful situations. We achieve this through breath work, heat and ice contrast therapy, and more. We believe you have the power to improve your health and overall performance. We will show you principles and methods to help you along your journey.

“If you really want to see how you can use your breath to control your stress response, step into a thirty-degree ice bath.”

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What My Clients Are Saying

I’ve worked with Taylor doing breath work since March and have seen dramatic improvements in my overall performance, health and wellbeing.ย  My sleep quality has improved, stress levels have gone down and my endurance is much better all from adding a few minutes a day of focused breathing protocols.ย  I would’ve never expected this from focusing on my breathing but the results speak for themselves.ย  The heatย  ย Read more….

Andrew Doggett

Instead of reaching for my phone to check email or social media, I now start each day with 20 minutes of box breathing. Instead of ending my day scrolling through my phone or watching TV, I know use breath work to calm my mind and enhance my quality of sleep. These simple practices Taylor taught me have been truly transformational, and have been the missing link to other health habits such as exercise and nutrition.ย ย Read more….

Jason Baker

I was part of a breathing class that was hosted by my gym and taught by Taylor Somerville. 15 minutes in and I was already hooked! As someone who has suffered from anxiety for many years, I was skeptical that simply changing the way I breathe could truly help. I had tried to do some breathing exercises on my own in the past, but I never felt like I knew what I was doing!ย  But the breathing techniques that Taylor taught me have helpedย ย Read more….

Katee Forbis

I have loved working with Taylor to improve my relationship with stress – just like his slogan says. This concept was fascinating to me when I first heard about it from him and is something I now think about on an almost daily basis as I apply the principles and techniques Taylor has taught me through 1:1 conversations, group breathing classes and ice/heat experiences!I have 4 little kids and started my own own business so to say I can feel stressed is an understatement. Read more….

Clay Jones

I would have laughed at myself a year ago if I would’ve known I’d go to a breathing workshop. Just “breathe in, breathe out,” right? But I went because Taylor had a certification that I respected, through XPT, and after reading how Taylor learned to harness the power of breath to combat the high stress he had in his life. After going through his workshop, I had a new appreciation for this overlooked game changer. Not only will it help you perform better physically, but by using the methods in his workshop Read more….

Bryce Berry

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