What OUR Clients Are Saying

I came to become a client of Taylor’s after, quite frankly, growing tired of being tired. I had acquired some skills over my lifetime to deal with stress, but had a voice inside me telling me something wasn’t totally “working” and that there had to be a better way. Turns out, my intuition was right. Taylor has helped me change not only how I view the stress in my life, but also how to better manage and respond to it on a DAILY basis. Breathwork is key! The most surprisingly wonderful thing about his program so far has been the realization that I don’t have to overhaul my whole life at once; it’s been the small, practical, do-able new tools and techniques implemented on a regular basis that have yielded BIG, positive results. I highly recommend Taylor and his program.

Brooke Smith

I had been living in constant stress for years when I began working with Taylor. Hi coaching gave me the tools to confront my fear head on and make the life changes I needed to save my life. I couldn’t recommend him more and will be forever grateful for the changes he helped me create in my life for me and my family.

Lindsey Boyle

I discovered Taylor Somerville’s work on the insight timer meditation app, and he swiftly has become my favorite teacher.  I use his guided meditations every single day, and I’m continually delighted by the degree of both relaxation and power that I feel after the sessions. Taylor has a wonderfully kind manner, such that even in the most intense breathing challenges, you can always sense that a caring person is helping you through it.  I would recommend his offerings to anybody who wants to embark upon an in-depth journey into the miracle and mystery of breath.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Selling Author

I joined Symmetry, because I was looking for a way to change my mindset when I became stressed because of my triggers.  I wanted to learn how breathing can change the way I feel and how it can improve my everyday health.


What I learned is my own ability to control my stress levels and clear my mind. The breathing techniques I learned from Taylor and knowing my triggers has helped me live a happier life.

Tommy Sneed Jr.

President/Sneed Insurance

Symmetry Ice Bath

I have loved working with Taylor to improve my relationship with stress – just like his slogan says. This concept was fascinating to me when I first heard about it from him and is something I now think about on an almost daily basis as I apply the principles and techniques Taylor has taught me through 1:1 conversations, group breathing classes and ice/heat experiences! I have 4 little kids and started my own business so to say I can feel stressed is an understatement. I particularly wanted to work with Taylor because I desired to better control my relationship to stress when I am around my kids in how I react to the crazy things that can occur in our busy household! This has really made a difference in my ability to be a better father and not loose my cool as much as I am improving in my ability to focus on my breath and my reactions through what he has taught me. I have also worked on applying his breathing techniques during and after my workouts to help bring focus and endurance as well as to best recover from these. I have noticed a huge difference both during and after. I then absolutely loved his “fire and ice” experience as it was a major challenge to calm myself and focus my breathing during the ice baths – I’m so thankful I did it and look forward to the next time! I look forward to challenging myself with one of his pool workouts as well. Overall, I highly recommend Taylor to anyone who feels that stress controls them and not the other way around and are in need of some very practical and tangible tools to help you navigate that. What he can teach you with his depth of knowledge as well as his real life experience can be extremely helpful in ways you may not expect. For me, these physical tools Taylor teaches and works you through are not just about improving your recovery from being active (though it does that), but it is way more than that and something I’m very thankful to have learned.

Dr. Clay Jones

Doctor of Physical Therapy/901 PT

If you’re thinking you might need a coach and some life guidance, then you probably do. And Taylor is as solid as they come with practical advice on fitness, breathing, and mindfulness. He will get you centered and operating on all cylinders.

Billy Ryan

I reached out to Taylor immediately and we spoke, I knew I had to work with him. That call was a significant turning point for me. The last couple of months of working with him and learning from him has literally changed my life. I feel so much more like the Alison that was capable of anything. I can handle stress again, but I am also managing that aspect of my life so that I can allow myself to continue to recover and keep my health the priority.

Alison Bishop

Symmetry has opened a whole new world for me that I always wanted but didn’t how to achieve. The new way of “life” offers me just that, “life”, as opposed to day-to-day survival. I feel different, not as anxious and hopeless. I am able to relax at home, and my husband says I smile more! I am experiencing healing and positive changes. In addition to that, I have a “tool box” to use whether I am at home with my loved ones or otherwise, anytime, wherever I go.

I highly recommend the Symmetry Program to anyone and everyone to experience a new refreshing approach to living life on life’s terms. THANK YOU, Taylor, for sharing your many gifts of healing and compassion. Many of us out there are in need of coping skills to manage life in this crazy world we live in. Some of us need a life raft to grab onto, lest we drown. Although I may drift along the shore at times, your encouragement and support are there there to reel me in (and I’m only halfway done with the program!).

Carleen Schneider

Taylor provides a critical service that is both research backed, and able to be applied to every aspect of life; whether you’re trying to reduce stress, enhance your performance or improve your ability to focus. His methods are both easy to understand and ruthlessly efficient. I’d recommend his work to not only the executives and athletes I coach, but also to my family. That’s how much I trust him! 

Brett Bartholomew

Author of Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In & Founder of ArtOfCoaching.com

I was introduced to Symmetry and Taylor’s breathwork sessions as part of my yoga teacher training program this past fall. I was already somewhat familiar with controlled breathing because of my yoga practice but was completely unprepared for how transformational these dedicated breathwork sessions would be for me. The biggest benefit I have seen has been outside of the yoga studio and in my VERY real life. I have an intense corporate job and a busy home life as a mom of a 4-year old. I’ve told myself to breathe many times before, but thanks to Taylor, I now actually know HOW. What a gift!

Petya Grady

As a high performing athlete, I am always looking for an advantage, an edge. As one with a major back injury training for the Tokyo Olympics, I need to take this even more seriously and do everything I can in my preparation. I am constantly searching for ways to better myself and ultimately, my game. But, that’s obvious. All athletes want an upper hand. The beauty of breathwork and Taylor’s classes is that it goes far beyond that. Sure, it improves my CO2 tolerance and aid’s in muscular endurance, but it also has impact on my day-to-day. I feel more present, I am armed with the tools to calm and recenter myself, I have a healthier relationship with stress, plus, I always leave class in a better mood. Things that are far more difficult to measure, but have a profound impact on my life. I am extremely grateful for Taylor and the effect each and every class has.

TJ Sanders

Canadian Olympic Volleyball Team

Instead of reaching for my phone to check email or social media, I now start each day with 20 minutes of box breathing. Instead of ending my day scrolling through my phone or watching TV, I know use breath work to calm my mind and enhance my quality of sleep. These simple practices Taylor taught me have been truly transformational, and have been the missing link to other health habits such as exercise and nutrition. We spend more time breathing than doing anything else during the course of the day, we might as well try and get it right!!!

Jason Baker

I was part of a breathing class that was hosted by my gym and taught by Taylor Somerville. 15 minutes in and I was already hooked! As someone who has suffered from anxiety for many years, I was skeptical that simply changing the way I breathe could truly help. I had tried to do some breathing exercises on my own in the past, but I never felt like I knew what I was doing! But the breathing techniques that Taylor taught me have helped me to feel much more in control during moments that used to cause me a lot of anxiety. My husband and I were both so interested in learning more about breath and recovery that we asked Taylor to lead a private class in our home. I am someone who is very inexperienced in this area, but it wasn’t an issue because Taylor has done all the research and knows this stuff backwards and forwards. He also didn’t mind when I asked him A LOT of questions about breathing and how it could help me in other areas of my life. He answered all of my questions and never made me feel stupid or silly for asking them, no matter how simple or complex the questions were. I am now using these techniques to not only control my anxiety but also to improve my Crossfit style workouts. Learning how to breathe properly has also caused me to feel less overwhelmed in my day to day life, and I am beginning to use the techniques to improve my sleep as well! If this sounds too good to be true, I encourage you to go to one class and experience it for yourself. Maybe I’ll be there too! (I’m kind of addicted!)

Katee Forbis

Symmetry Ice Bath

I’ve been a client of Symmetry (for breathing) for several months now; it just keeps getting better and better! Symmetry tailors it to your individual needs; he cares about his learners and is careful not to leave anyone behind. You will be challenged and will feel better every time you attend a breathwork class, and then you have a recording of the session for days when there are no classes so you never get behind. Give it a try! I think you’ll love the individualized instruction you’ll receive from Taylor.

Beth Sattes

I’ve tried a number of different breathwork methods and teachers, and Taylor/Symmetry is far and away the best. His routines are varied, effective, and easy to follow, and have really improved my athletic output. Most importantly, he takes the time to explain the why and the how of each technique, so you get much more out of each session. If your goal is to relax, he’ll teach you how to do that; if you want to perform better at your sport, he’ll help you meet that goal. He’s an amazing coach.

Alex Woods

Symmetry’s training has allowed me to recognize my responses to stress and given me the tools to stay in control of my emotions. I have seen improvements in my relationships, increased efficiency at work, and feel a deeper commitment to my overall health and fitness. Taking the time to reevaluate my health, habits, and stress levels has already paid dividends. Cannot recommend highly enough!

John Proctor

Taylor has been a great coach and partner on reclaiming my health and well-being through one-on-one sessions, focusing on breathing, stress management, and physical fitness. He’s provided me the tools and encouragement to establish a consistent practice as a priority.

Andrew Nail

The practices you taught me, plus just the awareness of breathing, slowing down and prioritizing certain things in my day, have helped me shift my mental approach to my days! I’m a work in progress – aren’t we all – but now have the tools, awareness, and huge desire to kick stress and “being busy” out my door!

Mary C.

Symmetry Corporate Wellness

I’ve worked with Taylor doing breath work since March and have seen dramatic improvements in my overall performance, health and wellbeing.  My sleep quality has improved, stress levels have gone down and my endurance is much better all from adding a few minutes a day of focused breathing protocols.  I would’ve never expected this from focusing on my breathing but the results speak for themselves.  The heat and ice work is a great way to recover.  I was pretty nervous and anxious about getting in the ice bath but Taylor was literally right by my side coaching me through breathing strategies, which enabled me to relax and focus on staying centered and embracing the challenge head on which gave me a great sense of accomplishment.  Having been an avid runner for years and years the heat and ice dramatically reduced my sense of pain from pounding the roads and I know it had to help on inflammation and swelling.  This is something I plan to incorporate into my weekly regiment, which will entail giving up a day of running which is something I thought I would never do.  The benefits and relief I felt far outweigh the sacrifice.  I also plan to incorporate Taylor’s pool workouts, which are also a great way to get a tough workout in without impacting your joints.  They will get you out of your comfort zone and are a lot of fun!   To sum it up, Taylor is an excellent coach who is one of the best in his profession in broadening his knowledge in the overall well-being and health of athletes!  I feel very privileged to know Taylor as a friend and have him on my team!!!

Andrew Doggett


I would have laughed at myself a year ago if I would’ve known I’d go to a breathing workshop. Just “breathe in, breathe out,” right? But I went because Taylor had a certification that I respected, through XPT, and after reading how Taylor learned to harness the power of breath to combat the high stress he had in his life. After going through his workshop, I had a new appreciation for this overlooked game changer. Not only will it help you perform better physically but by using the methods in his workshop, I’ve become more aware of how I’m breathing throughout the day and how to change my breath patterns to suit a “fight or flight” state or a “rest and digest” state. No equipment needed.

Bryce Berry

For me, 2020 has been the year of highs…and really low lows. Anxiety is something that I have battled throughout my entire life, sometimes it has zero impact on my day to day, and then without warning, it can completely take over unannounced and without cause. Because I was experiencing more of the lows than normal, I found my sleep being negatively impacted, and my daily stress levels rising. When I felt weeks go by with terrible sleep quality, I knew it was time to seek help. My poor sleep patterns brought me to Taylor/Symmetry, but I learned so much more about my overall health than I could have ever imagined. Through breathwork, I have taken back full control of my life. My sleep is not only back to normal, my overall sleep quality has improved. The quality of my workouts have skyrocketed. Because I have so much more control over my breath, my energy, and my efforts, I feel myself getting stronger and more confident in my movements everyday. Overall, I take a way more mindful approach into how I am living. I am present, I feel like I am in the driver seat again, and have so much more energy to get me through the day. I know that my practice does not end here, and I know I have so much more to explore, and that excites me. To know that this is only the beginning, I now have the resources to get me to whatever is next.

Alex Scott

I was feeling stressed, distracted, and out of shape. Now my mental focus has improved, my mood is much better, and I can handle much greater physical exertion without getting winded.


I am very grateful to have met Taylor and been introduced to the practice of breathwork. As a professional athlete I am always working for an edge physically and mentally and, although I am just beginning my practice, the techniques Taylor has taught me are already making a positive impact. This impact is not limited to the playing field – it has enhanced my mind-body awareness and complimented growth in areas of mindfulness, endurance, focus, sleep, and recovery. Taylor is a fantastic instructor and I look forward to continuing my practice with him.

Jeff Caldwell

Professional Soccer Player

Group Performance Breathing Class



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