Corporate Wellness

When Your People Are Healthy, Your Business is Too!

Benefit Your Employees
With Proper Breathing Techniques

Health care expenditures at high-pressure companies are nearly 50% greater than at other organizations. Currently, a majority of corporate wellness programs target chronic conditions after they occur, resulting in increased health care costs, decreased productivity in employees and increased human resources to address the legal concerns and obligations employers owe to employees with health conditions. In contrast, Symmetry’s program is designed to prevent employees from developing chronic conditions, manage stress in an effective way, increase productivity and satisfaction in the workplace and decrease turnover and burnout in your workforce. Symmetry’s program focuses on breathwork and mindfulness while teaching proper breathing patterns. Proper breathing drastically improves quality of life, in turn, increasing productivity and reducing health care costs, among other things.

Aetna and Google adopted mindfulness to their wellness programs and saw drastic decreases in their health care costs, increased productivity and workplace satisfaction, decreased turnover and increases in their bottom line.  Aetna estimates that it saved $2,000 in health care cost per employee and gained $3,000 in increased productivity by incorporating programs similar to Symmetry.  Google estimates it saved 7% in health care costs per employee and increased productivity in each employee by 62 minutes per week.

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