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Symmetry Founder & CEO

Taylor Somerville founded Symmetry in 2018 after working in the investment business for 15 years. Taylor was over-stressed, anxious, short-tempered, and felt like he was out of control. Taylor discovered breathwork and other key practices as a way to deal with the stress and anxiety in his personal and professional life. Through breathwork, Taylor was able to learn how to respond to stressful situations in a productive manner rather than reacting.

After seeing the positive changes in himself, Taylor felt a calling to help others improve their own stress management, anxiety, performance, and overall health and wellness. We all struggle with these issues at some point in our lives but there are tools we can use to better prepare ourselves to handle stress. Now, Taylor focuses on teaching you these tools. Through Symmetry, he helps busy people take back control of their lives so they have more time, more energy, and less stress!

Taylor is affiliated with XPT, founded by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. Through XPT, Taylor gained extensive knowledge of breathwork, heat and ice contrast therapy, and XPT’s breath, move and recover lifestyle. In 2018, Taylor became one of the first XPT certified coaches and is one of only six XPT master coaches.

About Taylor Somerville

creative director

Jason Baker is a former Symmetry client turned team member. After connecting with Taylor/Symmetry through his local gym, he found breathwork to be the missing link in the other habits and rhythms he has formulated over the years. You can add “breathwork” to the long list of things he’s passionate about – books, bikes, bands, and basketball. Jason manages all things marketing at Symmetry, and holds a Breath Coach Certification through XPT. 

Jason Barker



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