Using proper breath work to reduce stress.

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Heat and Ice Contrast Therapy

Heat and Ice can be a little scary at first but there is a reason cultures have been doing it for thousands of years, it feels incredible when you are done.  If you’re like most people,  between stressful work environments, hitting it hard at the gym and the day-to-day stressors of life, you’ve got very little time built into down-regulate and really allow your body and mind to recover.  If you feel this way, this class is perfect for you.  Even if you are a little scared of the ice that is ok everyone is at first.   We will teach you how to utilize your breath to slow your mind as you cycle between the ice bath and the sauna.  These techniques can then be used in everyday life to respond instead of reacting to stressful situations.  We currently teach these classes at gyms, yoga studios, businesses, and private residence using our mobile exposure unit.   Learn more on the benefits of contrast therapy.

Performance Breathing Class

This class will provide you with:

  • Exploratory breath work that combines multiple techniques and philosophies to reveal the power of using only your breath to change your mental and physical state.
  • Basic understanding of the physiology and mechanics of breathing and its effect on health.
  • Techniques that you can utilize outside of the class to center yourself for the day ahead.
  • Techniques to control your emotional response to stress
  • How to use breath work to prepare for and recover from workouts
  • Using breath work to improve sleep
  • Breath protocols to increase aerobic capacity for athletic events and training.
  • More information on the benefits of breath work

Corporate Wellness

Are your employees stressed out?  Do they lack productivity?   The American Institute of Stress reports that job-related stress is one of the leading causes of stress for American adults, costing over $300 billion annually to employers. Additionally, it results in diminished productivity, employee turnover, direct medical, insurance costs, legal costs, absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims.  Learn more about how to improve your employees’ well-being and your bottom line through working with Symmetry. Click here to find out more about how Symmetry can help your business.

Pool Workouts

Our pool workouts utilize XPT training modalities and involve the use dumbbells in the water.  The workouts are great for recovery days due to low impact on the joints but also help to improve aerobic conditioning.  They will push you out of your comfort zone as you challenge yourself in a new environment.  Our pool workouts are another chance to learn how to use your breath to control your mental state while also improving your breath mechanics.  This is a great way to train in nature and get out of the gym. 

1 on 1 Private Consultation

While our classes can start you on the path to changing your relationship with stress, our private consultations provide you with the opportunity for you to work with a specialist to create an individualized program based on your needs and experience. As part of the consultation, we will assess your breathing patterns and mechanics, test your CO2 tolerance, and create a program for your specific needs and goal, whether that is sports performance, stress management, or overall health.

Breath and Performance WorkSHop

The day begins with a breath-focused workout that will teach you a variety of techniques to help improve your aerobic capacity and efficiency. Then, we will move into an exploratory breathwork session that will upregulate and downregulate your nervous system in a way that you have never experienced before. Finally, we will finish the day with heat and ice contrast therapy where you will enjoy the camaraderie of old and new friends and kickstart your recovery!

The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to the benefits of proper breathing during exercise and in everyday situations we all face. You will learn techniques to rapidly reduce stress anywhere and anytime and will leave with a full mind/body reset.

Benefits of Symmetry’s Breath Work & Contrast Therapy

Breath Work

We can live for a month without food, a week without water, but only minutes without oxygen.

Benefits of nasal breathing
  • Activates the diaphragm and induces a parasympathetic state, kick starting recovery and calming the mind
  • Filters and cleans out air
  • Helps with mindfulness, concentration, and the ability to control the stress response
  • Improves sleep, energy, and health
Benefits of high CO2 tolerance
  • CO2 tolerance determines how well our bodies absorb and use O2
  • Your body doesn’t have to work as hard during physical activity because oxygen use is more efficient
  • Fewer free radicals are produced reducing inflammation
  • Can improve VO2 max
  • Helps with anxiety
Problems with over-breathing, mouth breathing, and dysfunctional breathing
  • Leads to anxiety, asthma, fatigue, insomnia and poor sleep, cardiovascular issues, headaches, allergies, and dry mouth.
  • Causes narrowing of airways and limits the bodies ability to oxygenate properly
  • Limits sports performance
  • Poor movement mechanics

In today’s society, few people focus on the one keystone habit that can benefit all aspects of life – the breath. Proper breathing is performed through the nose. It begins with the belly (diaphragm) and is quiet, calm, and generally undetectable.

Contrast Therapy

Exposure to extreme heat and cold provides a stress to the mind and body that allows us to become more resilient.

Benefits of cold exposure
  • Learning to control the mind and stress response in the ice transcends into other aspects of life and increases mental resiliency
  • Habitual exposure to cold induces a positive immune system response
  • Improved feeling of recovery and well-being
  • Cold immersion invokes the sympathetic nervous system and a strong parasympathetic response, improving cardiovascular health along with muscular and nervous system recovery
Benefits of heat exposure
  • Can increase testosterone, growth hormone and decrease cortisol
  • Recent studies on heat exposure show promising benefits for the treatment of obesity and diabetes with just 15 minutes of exposure at 200 degrees Fahrenheit 3 times a week
  • Heat exposure can lower the sweat rate allowing the body to cool more efficiently
Benefits of cold and heat contrast therapy
  • Removal of metabolic waste products, blood lactate, and markers of muscle damage likely due to repeated vasoconstriction and vasodilation
  • Enhances 24 hour post workout perceptions of fatigue
  • Improves adherence to extreme hot and cold protocols

Immersion in cold water creates the ultimate fight or flight response.  At that moment, you make the decision of either jumping out and running away from a perceived threat or calming the mind with slow diaphragmatic nasal breaths and working through the discomfort.  When you master the cold, you realize you have control over your reactions.  This feeling is powerful as you go about your daily life.

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