Introduction to Breath

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Symmetry’s Introduction to Breath Program will introduce you to the benefits of proper breathing, improving your performance, response to stress, and overall well-being



Do you feel overwhelmed throughout your day?
Do you have problems sleeping?
Do you feel run down?
Do you feel like your endurance is holding you back in the gym?
Would you like to improve your reactions to stressful situations?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then Symmetry’s, Introduction to Breath, program is for you.

This 4-week program is designed to help you create awareness around your breathing by:
– Introducing you to the benefits of proper breathing and mechanics
– Teaching you how to utilize your oxygen more efficiently
– Providing you with the tools to help with stress management and sleep by using your breath

For only $49.99, the course includes:
– 3 breath sessions: a morning session, a bedtime session, and a training session, for use five days a week.
– Mobility exercises to improve mechanics and open the diaphragm
– Video explanations for all of the above

1 review for Introduction to Breath

  1. Conni Stock

    Ever tried to exercise and breathe through your nose ONLY? I tried, discovered, failed and embraced the need for thoughtful breathing! Taylor grabbed my attention with a simple request to breathe nasally while attempting to complete a 2-minute row sequence. This proved to be harder than I expected and more intriguing than I thought. Breathtaking discovery! Also, the beginning of my love for nasal breathing! Today I have added the Introduction to Breath Course that serves as a guide for daily practice as well as a fantastic resource! Taylor’s course should be a prerequisite to any exercise routine 😉

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